Saturday, September 24, 2005

Day '-0' Nothing

After checking weather forecasts on the hour for over 15 hours, eating gulab jamuns, bajji's, tea, movies and a lot of chit-chat we figured that rita wasn't heading our way. It was 3 in the morning. i decided to hit the sack. The rest of the house went to sleep an hour after that.

Everybody was up and about by the time i woke up; an early 1 in the afternoon.

The town was comming back to life today. I ventured out only at 8 in the evening. I didn't see too many cars on the road; wonder where all the people who came in from Houston went?
The sunlight today was unreal; it bathed the town in a cold blue hue; very different from the warm red summer saturday i am used to. The air didn't have its familiar damp smell. I couldn't see any birds in the sky or the usual contingent of frogs along the sidewalk. The sky was clear and dark; could hardly see the moon and the stars in the evening. The lifeless sky seemed to be coloring everything.

A few people were filling gas in the local gas station while a tanker was refilling the underground tanks. Not too much of crowd. A few motorists waited patiently; not for gas; just to rest. There were a few fellow joggers on the road and few people venturing out for dinner and drinks. A quiet evening.

I have to pull off all the tape from the window panes next...


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