Thursday, September 22, 2005

Day '-3' Stocking Up

Arun and me decided to buy a few things, get prepared, the usual drill. Not an original thought; apparently, the whole town was thinking the same thing. We headed out at 7.45 in the evening. Arjun joined us. Lines were starting to form at many of the gas stations we drove past; in places where the gas price was lower, there really was a crowd.

We decided to go to HEB. We guessed Walmart would be too crowded and out of stock. We had been hearing all day that Walmart was running out of shopping carts!

The parking lot at HEB was full. HEB's gas station was teeming with cars; their price was 10 cents lower. Arun decided to join the swarm while Arjun and me peeled off to go grocery shopping. Arun's mobile phone was acting up, so Arjun gave him his. I had mine. It too was acting strange, like a recalcitrant child, connecting me when it wanted to and dropping my calls at other times.

HEB was out of all the important stuff - tomatoes, bannanas, bread and water. I managed to get Tortilla chips and Salsa though.

Arun went back to get Abban and Indira; they didn't want to come intially but changed their minds later. Indira bought 48 scented candles in case the power goes out. A pity you can't get gas masks at grocery stores .


At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a meanie!! and Just for your info the candles weren't scented .

and why is my name mentioned the 2nd ??


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